CAD up on Higher Oil Prices, AUD down as RBA Eases

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Rates as of 0400 GMT

Market Recap

CAD was far and away the bestperforming currency, as you can see. 

I get tired of showing this graph, but they do say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, and since I get paid by the word, this is the easiest way for me to get rich

So then the obvious question is, why was oil up 6 in a day, when everything Ive been hearing about it has been negative? The answer, according to Bloomberg, is increasing  signs OPEC will delay a planned easing of output cuts. 

In case you dont know the background, OPEC plus a few other producers notably Russia agreed some time ago to cut output to prevent prices from collapsing. They have a schedule for relaxing those output cuts relaxing an output cut increasing production. They allowed some increase back in August I think it was and were planning another 2mn barrels a day bd increase from January.

The Russian oil minister Monday met with Russian producers to discuss delaying the production increase, which I gather was taken as a good sign.

Im surprised at the jump in prices, because as Bloomberg also said, OPECO O has been dropping hints for weeks that its plan to add almost 2mn bd of supply from January is being reconsidered as demand falters….

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