Five Things to Watch in Retail Stocks Trading Frenzy

Silver has become the latest focus of a frenzied online movement by retail traders to push up values of assets that big fund managers had bet against.

The populist trading rally, organised on social media forums such as Reddits wallstreetbets, has helped attract a flood of retail cash into stocks such as GameStop Corp, burnt hedge funds that had bet against the company and roiled broader markets.

Here are five things to watch on Monday

SILVER Silver prices are at near sixmonth highs, silvermining stocks have surged and coinselling websites are inundated with orders. Australias ETF Securities Physical Silver fund witnessed record daily inflows by the afternoon. The iShares U.S.listed 16.5 billion Silver Trust ETF, which rose 5.6 last week, could see further inflows.

STOCKS GameStop marked a near 400 gain last week, alongside Koss Corp., AMC Entertainment and Express. Still, the heavy short positions, available float and the determination of Reddit investors to not sell could mean further gains for these stocks.

TRADING VENUES Online broker Robinhood, one of the hottest venues in the retailtrading frenzy, still has what it says are temporary buying restrictions on some securities, as it tries to raise funding for clearing housemandated deposit requirements. Interactive Brokers Group Inc said late on Saturday it has lifted all trading restrictions on options in GameStop, AMC and others hit by recent market volatility.

REGULATORS U.S. regulators are looking into…

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