House Democrats Introduce Impeachment Article Against Trump

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The House moved closer Monday to impeaching President Donald Trump an unprecedented second time, this time for inciting his supporters who invaded the U.S. Capitol during Congress electoral vote count last week.

Democrats introduced an article of impeachment Monday that charges Trump with high crimes and misdemeanors for whipping up an insurrection and disrupting the peaceful transfer of power. The chamber will take two separate steps to try to spur Trumps removal, according to the office of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, DMd.

First, the House plans to pass a resolution Tuesday night calling on Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. Pence has showed reluctance to take the step. Then, the House will meet on Wednesday morning to consider impeachment. Reps. Jamie Raskin, DMd., David Cicilline, DR.I., and Ted Lieu, DCalif., led the impeachment article introduced Monday, though it is unclear whether the House will ultimately consider that measure or a separate one. In a tweeted statement Monday, Cicilline said the article has at least 213 cosponsors. He added, we now have the votes to impeach.

The full House would need a 218vote majority to impeach Trump. The number could end up lower due to vacancies and absences. Democrats hold 222 seats. Although there are only eight days left for the Trump administration, impeaching him could bar him from public office in the future.

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