MEW Now Provides Access to 2000 DeFi and NFT DApps on Mobile

Ethereum wallet and interface MyEtherWallet, or MEW, has brought decentralized applications to its 1.3 million monthly users through a new “DApps Browser” feature in the MEW mobile app. The collaboration with DApp analytics site DappRadar opens the door for MEW users to access more than 2,000 Ethereum based decentralized applications including DeFi and NFT based protocols directly from their smartphone.

MEW now Provides Access to 2000 DeFi and NFT DApps on Mobile

Through the DApps Browser, users can browse, search for and interact with DeDApps like UniSwap, SushiSwap and Balancer to access financial services such as loans, asset swaps, and staking. They can also track their DeFi portfolios of loans and deposits. The wallet software enables secure access, with the private key never leaving the device’s secure encrypted storage, and never shared with the DApp.

Users can also access other decentralized wallet apps including Status and Trust Wallet. While the three apps have been downloaded more than six million times combined, DappRadar reports January only saw 72,000 daily active users, leaving plenty of room for growth from MEW’s large user base.

Users can browse and search for specific DApps, and later this year it is expected that iOS users will be able to view rankings and metrics for 2000 DApps that are normally only visible through web browsers within the MEW app. These metrics are likely to include daily, weekly, and monthly active users, total value locked, and trading volumes.

Source: FXPro

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