NZD Up on RBNZ Rethink, GBP up on Vaccine Hopes

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Election update

The election fraud continues the fraud being, of course, the allegation that Trump lost because of fraud. Heres a headline from todays New York Times

Its amazing to me how thoroughly this fraud has permeated the entire Republican party. Its not just a few of Trumps consiglieres who are perpetuating this lie to support Trump in his fantasy. As the NYT said  What emerged in The Timess reporting was how, beyond the president, Republicans in many states were engaged in a widespread effort to delegitimize the nations voting system.

Whats reassuring to me is that these allegations are all coming from people not involved in the vote count. Republican officials involved in the count are showing laudable independence they are pushing back against their partys new loyalty test and refuting these allegations in unambiguous terms.

I doubt if the lawsuits etc. will manage to delay certifying the vote long enough to cause any serious problems, but even just delaying giving Presidentelect Biden access to the transition facilities money damages the country. More proof, if needed, that these people put party over country. 

The longerterm problem is that this belief is likely to become an…

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