Short to MidDated JGB Yields Fall as Risk Appetite Eases

Yields on short to middated Japanese government bonds inched lower on Friday as current dire conditions of the pandemic and concerns about COVID19 vaccine supply clouded risk sentiment.

Benchmark 10year JGB futures rose 0.01 point to 151.98, with a trading volume of 18,047 lots, while the 10year JGB yield fell halfabasis point to 0.015.

At the shorter end of the curve, the twoyear JGB yield and the fiveyear yield lost halfa basis point to minus 0.135 and minus 0.110, respectively.

Longerdated notes moved in the opposite direction, with the 20year JGB yield and the 30year JGB yield rising halfabasis point to 0.390 and 0.650, respectively.

The 40year JGB yield added 1 basis point to 0.700.

Some investors shifted to safehaven assets after U.S. drugmaker Pfizer Inc slashed the target for the rollout of its coronavirus vaccine due to challenges in supply chain for the raw materials used in the vaccine.

Investors also looked forward to the U.S. employment data due later in the day, a market participant said.

Reporting by Tokyo markets team, Editing by Sherry JacobPhillips

Source Reuters

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