USD Higher as Treasury Yields Rebound; US Jobless Claims

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Trump impeached again! The US House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump. That just means that the Senate will now have to vote on whether to kick him out of office, and since that vote probably wont take place until hes out of office already, it wont make much difference. However if they do vote to give him the boot which has to be a 23rds majority vote they can then vote to ban him from office permanently which only has to be a majority. That would prevent him from running again in 2024, as hes threatened to do. Together with being banned from Twitter, I think that would hasten his disappearance from Republican politics, which would be a good thing IMHO. Lets just hope that enough Republican senators agree that they can get the necessary votes. 

The interesting point to me was not that Trump was impeached, but that after what he did, only 10 Republicans voted to impeach and 197 voted against. What would he have to do to get all of them to vote against him? Maybe I should cut them some slack though. Apparently many Republicans fear for their lives because of texts emails that theyve received threatening to kill them their families if they vote for impeachment. This is…

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